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Jessi Rosinski

Creating experiences to connect people to themselves and the world around them

About Jessi

Master of Music/Master of Business Administration/Master of Effective Teaching 
Boston, MA, USA (ancestral and unceded lands of the Massachusett people)

A professional flutist who attended business school and is committed to the fields of education and wellness, Jessi challenges the notion of linear pathways and traditional decision making. Regardless of domain, Jessi brings relentless focus and dedication to her pursuits and embraces steep learning curves while grounding in presence and care.

Jessi’s realms of work are united by the act of creating experiences that connect people more deeply to themselves and to the world around them. She collaborates with changemaking organizations to launch fresh programming, premiers contemporary music on stage, offers wellbeing coaching to help people live with presence, and leads inquiry based classes in graduate schools and community spaces. Jessi’s cross disciplinary work is anchored in clarity of purpose, intentional action-based strategy, and deep reflection.

Drawn to disciplines of practice, Jessi believes in a habitual approach to both creativity and skill building. She sees the world through a lens of possibility, seeking intersections and trusting that there is always goodness to discover, and her quest to learn is at the core of both her relationships and projects. 

Jessi embraces seasonal living. No full moon goes uncelebrated under Jessi’s watch, and her favorite holidays are seasonal celebrations. Finding joy in moving her body, Jessi summits peaks, completes marathons, and swims in open water -- ask her about escaping from Alcatraz!


Jessi engages in projects that...

  • Bring something to life! 

  • Center around her purpose of connecting people to themselves and the world around them.

  • Apply the precision and focus of a classical musician, the curiosity and deep listening of a mindfulness practitioner, the creativity and presentation of an educator, the process orientation of a systems thinker, and the drive of a changemaker. 

  • Engage in thinking and learning at the heart of the work.  

  • Explore intersections or cross disciplinary connections.

  • Involve collaborating with curious, accountable, and kind people. 

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