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Here's what I've been up to recently. 


In partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, I work 1:1 and in small groups with the creative entrepreneur fellows to develop and implement sustainable wellbeing practices customized to their specific artistic practices. Together, we resource their artistry so that they're equipped to face common challenges in artistic life--imposter syndrome, creative blockage, rejection, burnout---AND savor the inherent joys of creativity. 


I guide entrepreneurship classes to brilliant students at New England Conservatory. Our work together is centered in creating and claiming a meaningful and satisfying place in the music world. We stay attuned to the traditional norms and structures in the field while planting the seeds for re-imagined flourishing. 


I think life is a work of art, and there's so much wonder in moments of presence and beauty, so I've begun to create and share artful wellbeing experiences. These bespoke journeys are an immersive series of meditative experiences—live soundscape, mindful movement, gentle breath, and guided stillness---to cultivate and nurture presence. Learn more


My own learning is always a priority. I'm looking forward to a coaching class for educators (offered through Graydin). I recently completed a mentorship and facilitation course for meditation teachers and have diligently applied Reiki practice since receiving level I & II certification earlier this year. And, I'm excited to improve my gardening skills this growing season. 

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