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Dimensions (of Work)

WHAT is my work in the world?

All of my work is grounded in my ultimate purpose of connecting people to themselves and the world around them, and my professional work has included the dimensions of music, education, wellbeing, and strategic partnership. 

HOW do I work? 

I believe the qualities and mindset that I bring to my work are just as important as my skills. I care about and cultivate empowered learning, conscious communication, embodied experiences, intentional and holistic approach, collaborative action, and disciplined practice. 

The following sections contain brief reflections, career highlights, and credentials. 

While the sections below are generally categorized by disciplinary dimension for easy reading, expect to see intersections between sections. I’m increasingly leaning into multidisciplinary and multidimensional work and am excited to share more about merging my dimensions of work here soon.

See a visual representation of my work here. 

Contemporary Flutist

Reflection: As a flutist, I've always been particularly dedicated to the performance and promotion of contemporary music. It’s exciting for me to bring new music to life through discovery and collaboration. Music enlivens and provokes response, and I'm always honored to share in all parts of the music making process--from decoding a score to impacting an audience member to collaborating to explore the social connectedness of music. 

Snapshot Highlights:

  • I’ve appeared on stage with Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Sound Icon, Ludovico Ensemble, and Callithumpian Consort and have held contemporary performance based residencies at Harvard University and Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

  • My composer collaborations include working with Chaya Czernowin, Helmut Lachenman, Tristan Murail, Christian Wolff, Lei Liang, and Georg Friederich Haas.

  • I’ve recorded extensively, premiered numerous works as a soloist, chamber musician, and ensemble player, and have been a featured soloist with the Boston Pops Orchestra. 


Bachelor of Music, The Hartt School at The University of Hartford

Master of Music, New England Conservatory

Strategic Partner

Reflection: As a strategic partner, I get excited about working with organizations on initiatives to develop and launch innovative programs as well as increase engagement and elevate visibility in existing programs. Additionally, I have led fundraising campaigns, research projects, and operational planning initiatives to align with strategic goals. As a leader, teammate, or board member, I prioritize high quality and intentional work. 

My experience in arts, education, and wellness paired with my business school training give me the capacity to approach endeavors holistically. This includes working cross functionally and using both creative and analytical frameworks. I am motivated by big picture strategic thinking while staying attuned to the details. I most enjoy working with service oriented organizations in education, health, and the arts or creative realms.

Snapshot of innovative arts and nonprofit organizations that I have worked with:

  • Verizon Foundation, Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, New Gallery Concert Series, Boston Creates, Gravyty, Communities United, and the Town of Needham (Mass.)


Master of Business Administration, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College

Inner MBA, Mindful NYU (currently enrolled in the inaugural cohort) 

Wellbeing Architect

Reflection: As a wellbeing architect, I care about sharing programming that brings wellness into people’s lives through the modalities of mindfulness, movement/yoga, breathwork, and skillful thought and action. My offerings are informed by my own committed practices in mindfulness, Hatha yoga, Insight meditation, and Ayurveda. I believe that these practices bring powerful benefits to individuals and groups and that they can be offered flexibly to meet the needs of varied communities. I’m particularly interested in applying wellbeing practices in all levels of education, healthcare, organizations and businesses, and the arts.

Snapshot Highlights:

  • I deliver customized wellbeing programs through my venture, Radiance Point.

  • I share yoga in community spaces and schools as well as lead the weekly #MindfulMoment YouTube series for Hands to Heart Center.

  • Classes and workshops for Dartmouth College, New England Conservatory, Boston Public Library, Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, Arts & Business Council of Boston, MassArt, Boston Public Schools, and Insight Timer.



Training and certifications in yoga and mindfulness through Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (RYT-500hr), Prison Yoga Project, Sounds True, and Mindful Schools

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

Mindfulness Mentor Training Program

Reiki Levels I & II 

Multifaceted Educator

Reflection: As an educator, I prioritize experiential and inquiry based learning. I began teaching flute in music school and quickly discovered that teaching ignited me. I was drawn to the unique nature of every student, loved figuring out how to support people in reaching their goals, and enjoyed the ever evolving process of learning that is deeply rooted in growth. Over time, I explored more teaching avenues--finance and business topics, yoga and mindfulness, and middle school English language arts and literacy. Serving as a teacher has been a golden thread of my career, and I truly enjoy working within a variety of content areas and learning environments.

Snapshot Highlights:

  • I've led the grad elective, Finance 101: What Musician’s Need to Know at New England Conservatory since 2016.

  • I design and deliver yoga and mindfulness programming in community spaces. 

  • In the past, I have held positions on the flute faculty at BUTI/Tanglewood, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Milton Academy, and Winchester Community Music School working with students ages 6-86 in a variety of settings and led urban middle school classrooms and small group interventions in the public school system as a Massachusetts certified English Language Arts educator.



Master of Effective Teaching, Sposato Graduate School of Education

Inspired by both the graphic scores of composers like John Cage and George Crumb as well as the cyclical nature of sacred geometry and mandalas, this graphic represents my cross disciplinary work. Connecting is the central aspect of my work that radiates outward to my disciplines of practice. My values based approach unites and intersects my domains of work.

Jessi's Mandala FINAL (1).jpg
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